Our first chat will give me an idea of your design aesthetic and assist me with the creation of 3-5 mood boards, which will solidify our vision for your brand.

Mood Board Example 1.jpg
Mood Board Example 2.jpg
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You might have a clear vision for your brand or maybe you've been too busy to think about it at all. I'll provide you with some worksheets (I know, homework!) to help get the vision forming. Following our initial consultation, once I know more about you, your goals, and your unique business needs, I'll then create a set of mood boards that will give us an overall design direction and keep the process moving forward.

Grey Street Studios Logo Option 1
Grey Street Studios Logo

I'll provide you with 3-5 logo options based on our conversations + mood board selection.  From there, we go back and forth to make edits until it's perfect! 




A brand identity board is your blueprint for how to use your new logo for maximum impact. You'll receive your logo, alternate logo, and wordmark in full colour, greyscale and white in all applicable formats (jpg, png, eps). You'll also receive your brand's unique font files, colour codes, and any branding elements.



This process can be a continuation of our branding/logo design process, or I'm happy to assist you if you already have a logo and established brand that you're looking to expand upon with a new website or update an existing site. 

You’ll get a sneak peek at about 50% of the site, which is when you’ll have a chance to comment on the overall look, feel, and function. We’ll then work back and forth on look and function to get your site perfect.

I'll then do all the technical background stuff (very technical) to develop your site for perfect viewing on all mobile devices and platforms and boost your site's SEO (a big acronym for getting found on google)

Finally, after all our hard work, it's time to 

If you're ready to begin this design process, please contact me regarding pricing as your needs will determine the exact cost of design.




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