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FREE Trade Show Check List

Prepping for a trade show is SO overwhelming. Making all the stock and then packing for the show, not to mention sharing on social media that you'll be there... well I've just made your life a TOUCH easier with my FREE PACKING GUIDE!

I've included all the items that are essential for any trade show from your Cash Box and Point of Sale System, to Retail Bags and Pens... plus my personal secret... safety pins!

Don't forget to pack for yourself, especially if it's an out of town show... a toothbrush is key to keeping that smile all day! I also love to make sure my outfit matches my branding, or if you sell clothing / accessories, make sure you model that! Nothing is better then a living mannequin.

This list has space to add your own essentials, and I've listed some basic social media reminders!

Download PDF • 75KB

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