This is me

I enjoy the coziest things in life, laughing with friends around a warm campfire with a cold beer, being wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea, pulling fresh baked cookies our of the oven taking in the delicious smell while ignoring the giant mess the kids and I have just made!

My happiest place is on my paddleboard with the calm water surrounding me as the hot sun warms my skin. My kids are laughing + splashing while trying to tip us over.

I am passionate about many things! My degree is in fashion design and I’ve had a small shot kid’s clothing line for 6 years. I really love designing custom fabrics and creating totally unique looks. I strive to always be learning new things. I am currently teaching myself to decorate cakes and would one day love to get my yoga instructor certification. Ask me in a week and I’ll be onto something new! 

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